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ecosystem   /ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/

A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, or a complex network or interconnected system.

Why eco/system

Information.  When we started splitboarding there wasn't much information to go on.  Searching the net there are a few good sites and lots of good stuff, but it was dotted here there and everywhere.  We want this site to be an encyclopaedia, where you can find everything from how to kick turn, through what to carry on the Haute Route, to how to carbon-offset your trip.


Community.  This isn't a solo activity and there wasn't really anywhere to find like-minded individuals to talk with, learn from and ride with.  There really aren't that many people out there doing this and you're really lucky if like us you have a few solid mates to ride with, but we imagine a lot of people don't, so you can hook up in the Members' Area and hopefully get some trips going.  The information you're asked for in the Membership sign up is intended to help match people's experience, ability and attitudes.

Training.  We don't pretend to be a mountain guides and we're not suggesting you need to be, but this is risky shit.  Training in avalanche rescue, basic first aid and rope work (if riding glacial terrain) is critical.  We've posted links to some providers and are always happy to add more that you've had good experiences with.  In the future we hope to run some courses ourselves, but in the meantime check them out. 


Then there's gear.  Splitboards and bindings have come a long way, but lots of the other kit hasn't.  We want to find out what works and what doesn't and make it better, either by pushing the industry or by doing it ourselves.  

The Environment

All of the splitboarders we know are also keen to preserve our environment; it's pretty obvious that those of us who derive so much joy from snow would want to 'Protect out Winters'.  Having said that, most of us don't live near the mountains, so in doing what we love most we damage it just by getting there.  When we forget the reusable bags maybe we'll walk out of the supermarket with arms piled high with groceries rather than use a plastic bag (Crackerjack with Stu Francis anyone?), but we'll get on a plane emitting god-knows how much CO2 (well we do actually, check it out here) just to spend a few days messing around on a plank of wood.  Pretty stupid?


As winter sports enthusiasts with an environmental conscience these contradictions are things we have to work with, but we wanted to provide a forum where we can discuss what we can do as part of our splitboarding, but more importantly in the rest of our lives, to reduce our impact.  

In the Environment section, we have posted links to useful info, charities and other organisations, and we'll add to these and put together any good hints and tips you send in, or that come up on the forums.  Please participate and we can all try to do the small things that add up to big things.

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