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Board & Skin Set Up

Unless you buy the skins specifically for your model you're going to have to trim your skins and probably fit a tail clip.  That being the case you might as well make your own from scratch and save a heap of cash.  The following clips give some pointers, it's really easy.

This product works really well if you're making your own skins.  It's easy to fit, strong and reliable.  WARNING: The music on this clip is possibly the most annoying thing in the world.  Mute is recommended!

This product is marketed as a tip clip for skimo racing skis, but works brilliantly as a splitboard tailclip if you have the notch in the tail (Jones, Rossi etc).  If using this it won't come pre-attached as shown, so needs to be riveted to the skin (really easy).

And if you don't have the notch then maybe these Spark R&D tail clips?

Other Bits

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