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Eco Links

Conservation Charities

World Land Trust - Raises money to buy tracts of threatened land to preserve habitats and wildlife corridors.  This is eco/system's current company charity.

Environmental Campaigning Groups

Protect Our Winters - Buy the merch from shops in your country (Freeze Pro Shop, Zero G etc).

1% for the Planet - Allow corporations and individuals to verify that they are donating 1% of revenue to environmental causes.

A Plastic Planet - A new group looking to popularise a plastic-free marking system and to promote plastic-free aisles in supermarkets.

Take 3 for the Sea - Group campaigning for visitors to the beach to take home 3 pieces of litter to contribute to cleaning up the ocean.

Marine Conservation Society - Campaign for cleaner oceans, including organising #GOplasticfree in July. Lots of information and tips on the website.

Extinction Rebellion - The sharp end of current political pressure.  Direct citizen action bringing the key issues into greater focus.  

Carbon Offsetting

There are quite a few companies planting trees for carbon offsetting, but many are planting commercial crop species for later harvesting.  This undoubtedly sequesters carbon, but misses a critical opportunity to rewild and to help local communities.  These two are examples that go further:  

Mossy Earth - Carbon offsetting by rewilding with native species and also conducting conservation projects in these habitats.

ArBolivia - Carbon credits and support to local people.


Beat the Microbead - Lists of product that do and don't contain microplastics.

Regenorganic - Regenerative Organic Certification is a holistic agriculture certification encompassing pasture-based animal welfare, fairness for farmers and workers, and robust requirements for soil health and land management. The Regenerative Organic Alliance will oversee the Regenerative Organic Certification framework and guidelines.

Plastic Free Retailers

Plastic Freedom - Wide range of home, food, clothing and travel items

The Plastic Free Shop - Kitchen and Garden stuff mainly


The Cleanest Line - Patagonia's environmental blog.  Interesting articles,especially around regenrative organic agriculture.

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