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Corporate Responsibility

eco/system has a stated ecological agenda and will endeavour to practice what we preach.  We undertake to do the following in the running of our business:

  • Act as advocates for lower impact living

  • Donate a minimum of 1% of any profits to conservation charities

  • Support & promote a chosen corporate conservation charity, currently World Land Trust

  • Promote and utilise low carbon travel wherever possible

  • Carbon offset all company travel

  • Minimise the use off all resources including electricity, plastic and any single use materials

eco/system is planning to produce a line of splitboarding equipment.  As and when this happens we will:

  • Utilise the most environmentally-friendly materials practicable; recycled and recyclable wherever possible

  • Produce a durable product that will minimise waste

  • Provide a repair service where possible to increase product life

  • Be plastic free in our labelling, packaging and posting

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