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We're not planning to do a full on review of a large number of each season's new boards or kit, there's enough out there already.  If manufacturers want to send us kit we'll happily review it, but we're not touting for that business either.

What we want to do here is for you all (and us) to review any kit you own and have used extensively, so we know if it's stood the test of time and whether you love it.  Although we wholeheartedly encourage keeping your gear till you've killed it to reduce waste, please only review recent kit as a review of your ten year old DIY split might be interesting, but probably won't help anyone!

If you'd like to submit a review, hit the button below and fill in the form  Thanks for your input!


This is another test title

It does the job.

This is also a test title

Best splitboard I've used.


This is a test title

If it's good enough for Xavier.... But incredibly, still really usable for the rest of us. This board is a bit of a low key classic, mainly because Rossi don't seem interested in marketing it. The best board I've used (adittedly, not that many). Highly recommended if you like a stiffish traditional camber board for charging. Not recommended if you like a more responsive board or you're into freestyle.

Other Gear


Hard Booting

Hard booting has been marginalised since the early days of snowboarding, but in splitboarding at least it seems to be making a bit of a comeback.  There are obvious advantages on the way up, but on the way down?

As hard splitboarding boots don't exist this does apparently mean buying some ski touring (AKA 'AT') boots and making some mods.  The Phantom website has some info here and here.

If you've got any experience of hard boot touring let us know what you think and how it compares to soft booting.

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