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Planning a Trip

Navigation, route planning, booking huts and so much more.  Comment below and we'll build a list of resources and an aide memoir of essentials for different types of trips.

Day Tours

Starter for ten list, feel free to improve it:


Try to organise a group of similar fitness, ability and risk tolerance

Get the avalanche forecast and as much info as possible on snow conditions

Plan a couple of possible routes with different aspects to take account of possible weather and snow changes

Be realistic about the distance you can cover, and ensure steepness and technical sections are manageable for all members of the group

Study the routes on digital mapping

Pack the gear appropriate for the terrain (make a list so you don't forget stuff)

Pick a start time and try to stick to it

On the day:

Recheck the forecast and pick a route, cancel if necessary

Check transceiver function and battery level

During the trip:

Keep checking the conditions and change plans if necessary

Always have a way back/down if pressing on doesn't look good

Move one by one if necessary

Multi Day Hut-to-Hut Tours

We'll be doing a couple of these for the first time this year, hopefully including the Haute Route.  We'll be blogging our experiences so keep an eye out for that, but we're absolutely not experts in this, so if you are please share your knowledge.

Camping Trips

Going way out into the wilderness?  Then you probably need to forward mount to a base camp Jeremy Jones style.  This is what we really aspire to, in Alaska obviously, but still working up to it, so any experiences and advice you have let us know! 

Hut Details

Stayed in a hut?  Was it good or bad?  Let us know the name,location and contact details and we'll add it.

Haute Route Huts:

Cabane du Trient

Cabane du Mont Fort

Cabane de Prafleuri - No website as such.  Best email contact for booking is

Cabane des Dix

Cabane des Vignettes

Cabane Bertol

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