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Avalanche Safety

Here we'll add articles and vids including case studies, avalanche education and snowpack science, if you know of good ones please let us know the link and we'll add them. Also, if you've had your own experience and would like others to benefit from your experience we would love to publish your thoughts.


PLEASE NOTE: As soon as accounts of being caught in avalanches are published the comments invariably degenerate into how stupid or careless the people involved had been.  We would like this to be an area where people can give their accounts and thoughts in a blame-free environment, so that we encourage more honest accounts that we can all learn from.  If you have a constructive comment please join in; if you think the person was an idiot please keep it to yourself!!

Avalanche Case Studies

Alpinist article on a burial nearly 4m down and how the victim was rescued

Xavier reflects on what he learned from being caught in a large avalanche.

Avalanche Education

The following videos and publications are informative and may help to refresh the memory, but should in no way be seen as a substitute for formal on-snow training.  A number of course providers are here, but there are obviously many others.

A good overview of avalanche rescue procedures.  In French with English subtitles.

Autonomy Mastery and Purpose in the Avalanche Patch by Bruce Kay - This ebook might make you fundamentally reassess how you view avalanche risk.  Maybe most of the risk comes from your mental process rather than from the snow?  Well worth the $10.

Snow Pits & Tests

Some different approaches to digging pits.

Snowpack Science

 The Bruce Jamieson clips are for the truly committed!! 

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