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Welcome to eco/system splitboarding, the newest resource on the web for all things splitboarding.  We want to create a place where you can come for information, entertainment and a sense of community, but we also hope that everyone contributes to making the site better and better over time.  We will be blogging and adding content regularly, and posting on Twitter/Instagram daily.  The Soundcloud playlist on the right will be constantly changed, so please ping us with your suggestions.

As we believe from experience that most splitboarders share our passion for the environment, we’ll also cover environmental and conservation issues and work with you to find and promote ways we can all decrease our carbon footprint and environmental impact.  Especially during the summer there will be more new eco content than splitting, although we’re hoping to get plenty of involvement from the Southern Hemisphere as well.

To reflect our environmental commitment we have set up ties with Protect Our Winters and World Land Trust to try to promote their work and raise awareness.  We also have a partnership with Mossy Earth, who aren't a charity but do valuable carbon offsetting and rewilding work.

So please get in touch and get involved!


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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.


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